Welcome your Friends and Neighbors year round with this stunning 18 inch Faux Realistic Lambs Ear Lavender Peony Wreath that can be used for wedding décor or enjoyed for years to come on your front foor!  The perfect size for your entry decor!  18 inch Lambs Ear Lavender Peony wreath inspired by Fixer Upper and Farmhouse Decor

Gorgeous multi-faceted colors with large fluffy leaves makes a big statement on your front door

Realistic faux lambs ear and peonies with gorgeous soft foliage adds to the beauty and sophistication of this wreath 

Why buy from Simply Stunning?
I spend extra time and care to make sure you have a quality product and I ship as quickly as I can.  I want to make sure that my products will hold up and stay as beautifully arranged as the day I shipped them.  I use only high quality silk blooms that have a gorgeous, multi-faceted color that look stunning and will maintain their beauty for years.

Free gift message printed on high quality card stock can be included for gifts as requested
Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll respond quickly

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18 inch Lambs Ear Lavender Peony Gorgeous Farmhouse Wreath

Ribbon Type
  • Should be hung indoors or outside in a covered area for best results

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